Monday, 13 November 2017

Trey Songz Spreads Love Not Just Songs With His Foundation Angels With Heart Foundation.

Trey Songz The Guy Who Takes Care Of So Many.

Charity is the pure love of Christ.We all are in need of something.No ones life is perfect.We are in need of finances,basic needs and even at times we just need love.It is better to give than to receive. Achieving earthly treasures is good but it is even greater to achieve heavenly treasures through Charity and our dealings with people.

What i love the most about Trey Songz is his contribution to the society through charity and inspiration.I do love his music too ofcourse.His motivational speeches get to me help me alot.

Angels with Heart Foundation founded in 2010 by the amazing R&B singer Trey Songz.It was a call-to-arms to engage his fan club to become a positive impact in their communities. Songz fan club members, known as “Trey’s Angels,” were called upon to give back through random acts of kindness by donating their time and efforts to support their respective cities. These Angels were called “Angels with Heart” which Trey later decided on as the name of his foundation.

Now, more than ever before, celebrities are encouraged to engage in activities which address community needs in the cities where they work, as well as in their hometowns. Athletes, entertainers and public personalities are able to leverage marketing opportunities to gain support for their targeted cause a benefit that most charities aren’t privy to.

“Because I have been blessed to be in the situation where I am able to touch and be heard by so many people, it’s only right that I use that voice to give back and empower the youth, strengthen families and communities” are the beautiful words of Trey.

Through strategic philanthropy efforts, Angels with Heart Foundation gives back to make a difference in communities across the America.And has built a brand that resonates with diverse audiences.
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Upto date through his Angels with Heart Foundation, Trey Songz has given $173,483.33 to FeedMore’s Backpack Program, specifically earmarked for the children in after school programs in Petersburg. Maslow’s Hierachy of Needs has taught us that the physiological need for survival must be met first before one can successfully move onto the next 4 levels!
Philanthropy is not about entitlement, but of the heart! # AWH # Burgonmyback

As a fun all i can say is bless your heart Trey for all you do to touch and help lives.Trey's mum April Tucker runs this Foundation so bless her heart too.And she did a fabulous job in raising an outstanding man who takes care of so many.

September being Trey's birthday month is the time he even puts in more energy in giving back during this month in celebration of his birthday month.

You can take everything from someone but you can't take away their intelligence/education.Angels with heart foundation has given so many scholarships to needy students.

As Treyz fans we should all make a difference in our families and communities.The little acts of kindness matter be the change you want to see in the world even with just a smile to someone who really needs it.Remember with little things greater things come to pass,every little bit counts and means more than you know.