Monday, 12 March 2018

Celebrities Enriching Young Black Minds-Black Panther

Celebrities Who Paid For Kids To Watch The Movie Black Panther

Black Panther is a 2018 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character Black Panther.The story is set in Africa, displaying African cultural motifs, and acted by Africans in a wide variety of roles" and also African Americans.This is the first movie with an African American director given a budget upto the aCelebrities Enriching Young Black Minds mount it was given.This movie protrays a positive outlook of the African community all over the world.In some movies the black guy is always killed off and never survives to the end of the film.In other films black characters are the pimps,drug dealers, gangsters and drug addicts.Black Panther sends out the good message that black people can also be superheroes and be as positive and successful as any other race.And that is the strong message that has to be sent to Africans all over the world especially young impressionable minds.

 A number of celebrities paid for a large number of children to watch this movie.This is a positive way of enrichment. This is a way of enriching young black minds into believing in themselves as a people.Children are very impressionable and if you teach them to believe in themselves you give them the best foundation for future successful and upright individuals. By painting a positive picture you get a positive outcome. 

Trey Songz

 A special showing of “Black Panther” was held for children in Petersburg thanks to the Angels with Heart Foundation.This is a charity foundation created by the singer Trey Songz and run by his mother. The foundation purchased tickets and concessions for 100 kids to see the blockbuster film. Trey Songz is a native of Petersburg. The kids were part of the Let’s Move After School program hosted by Petersburg Parks and Leisure Services as well as the Boys and Girls Club and basketball and softball teams. "Black Panther" has been breaking box office records since it was released and has reached $1 billion in worldwide ticket sales.


Multi-talented actress/singer Zendaya joined together with progressive activist and entrepreneur Michael Skolnik to take over 300 school children from the hometown of Oakland to see a special screening of Black Panther .

 Kendrick Lamar and Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith 

Grammy winners Kendrick Lamar and Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith bought out five showings at three cinemas in Los Angeles so children living in the city's Watts housing project​ could view the film during its opening weekend .

 Travis Scott 

Rapper/singer Travis Scott rented two theaters in Stafford, Texas, so local kids could watch the movie for free. 

Big Boi and T.I.

Atlanta rappers Big Boi and T.I. also did the same.T.I. partnered with Walmart to give out 300 free tickets to a local Black Panther premiere screening, and Big Boi arranged for patients housed in hospice care to also see the film for free. 

 If there are more celebrities i have not mentioned, please let me know in the comments section and also let me know what you think of the movie and how you feel about celebrities paying for children to see this Black Panther?