Monday, 14 May 2018

Who is DJ Butch?-DJ Butch An Amazing Kenyan DeeJay.

In my first interview ever i got to interview an amazing Kenyan deejay known as DJ Butch.His real names are Alex Butch.He is a young talented deejay with a great fashion sense.He also rocks amazing tatoos.He is mixed race and very easy on the eyes and when it comes to his hair he gives most girls a run for their money,LOL. Because his hair is always on fleek.It wasn't easy for DJ Butch in the beginning but with hardwork and determination.He is an established deejay in Kenya.Which is just the beginning for him.Because he aspires to also get into the beat making industry.

Angellyrics:So when did you start deejaying?How did it all start?Did u go to deejay school? Have you always wanted to be a deejay?
DJ Butch: Yes i went to Homeboyz Deejaying School.It started back in high school when i was in form 2 i just had so much love for electronic music,i used to watch deejays the likes of hardwell,tiesto,in the states doing major events,since i had a passion for electronic music i wanted to venture into deejaying and playing such music, I do know how to mix other genres of music but what I'm mostly focused and skilled on is electronic music. Angellyrics: Wow thats cool,when did you first do deejaying and how did it feel? DJ Butch: When i was in form 3 i had my first outdoor gig,well honestly i was scared,you know the butterflies in your stomach,but i pulled it through. Angellyrics: Cool, where was the gig? DJButch: In ngong road. Angellyrics: And you went to Homeboyz Deejaying School after high school or during? DJ Butch: After high school Angellyrics: For how long? DJ Butch: 2 months. Angellyrics: Now where do you do your gigs and how often? DJ Butch: You can't find me somewhere specific. DJ Butch: But i do gigs like thrice every weekend. Angellyrics: Ok which major events have you done? DJ Butch: Thrif social 6 and 7,the house party it was in karen,the blacklist at emerald gardens,and at impala club

DJ Butch was also a deejay at the major event where the American singer Ty Dolla Sign was headlining. Angellyrics:Where do you get your tatoos? DJ Butch:At natural stripes shop along ngong road Angellyrics:What would you tell aspiring deejays? DJ Butch:To aspiring deejays just be you,do what drives you,your passion. Angellyrics:What challenges have you come across? DJ Butch:My deejaying challenges were not been paid a couple of times and making a name for my self was really hard.

This interview is a proof of the fact that if you discover your talents,work hard and keep the passion.The sky wouldn't be the limit because you can also got way above the sky with no limits.And also the key ingredient is also having good faith and believing in yourself.You can follow and even hire DJ Butch here.

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