Monday, 2 January 2017

Which Celebrity Has The Cutest Mug Shot?-Trey Songz Has The Cutest Mug Shot But May It Please Be Just One.

Please Just This Once Trey Songz

Just last week i did a post about Trey Songz inspiring me when it comes to charity because i get to meet that little boy he helped out when he was in Kenya.Him helping out that little boy is what got him a special place in my heart.I saw a side of Trey that blew me away and he got my full attention.And now am a huger fan of his because of this act of kindness and many more he does.And ofcourse i recognise his musical talents as always,LOL. The time Trey came to Kenya is when i got to know more about him as a person and celebrity.I never thought a guy that cute would be that smart and have so much vision,LOL.Before that i just knew very little about him,he was just another celebrity whose music i loved and i couldn't find a cuter celebrity than him to put as a wall paper or profile picture.I always had a soft spot for him at the back of my mind because a guy who can sing "cant help but wait" telling a woman that she deserves better than an abusive relationship.To me such a person definitely has a good heart in my book.I usually am not a huge fan of people who are super cute and they know it and feel it alot but for him he had a free pass,LOL. Because behind all that he seemed like a nice gentleman.Before any incident happened a fan spoke of Treys braids.Trey had posted a picture of him with his hair braided. The fan was asking if the braids are back does it mean that Trey will go back to that Trey back in the days who flew from the stage and punched a fan who threw ice at him.Okay fans do crazy things to celebrities which isn't fair at all.

I went on YouTube and found that video and i confirmed that really happened.I never knew Trey ever got into fights.I saw an interview of his where he mentions that he stopped fighting.He got into fights earlier in his career when he had the braids and he had alot of anger inside.He shaved the braids and realised he has to carry himself in a certain way so no more fights for him,LOL.He admitted he has a bad temper.Just before Christmas i saw a tweet by Trey Songz cursing at MGM.I went on YouTube and got his Snap Chat video where he explained how he was kicked out of the hotel over a misunderstanding.There was a guy harassing him and his friends but they ended up taking the other guys side.Then the Detroit incident happens.First Trey retweeted a tweet which i didn't understand a day after i saw a tweet that Trey had retweeted where a fan told him to just shave his hair and stop the bull....,then Trey made a joke about her being a star at a new blockbuster called #BLOCKMEPLEASE.He was joking i know he loves,respects and appreciates his fans.And never takes them for granted.That fan was just giving him tough love which is okay.I am not a person to follow anyone or agree with them just because i love them even if you are family,a friend or a celebrity.

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  2. Starring in the new BLOCKbuster issss You

I get Trey but i don't agree with his reaction. When i saw the video clips of him tearing up the stage,i was shocked,he lost it big time.Trey is only human and it looks like maybe he had built up frustration.I know if you have a temper and have built up frustration that's a recipe for disaster because any type of reasoning and restrain goes out the window.And he obviously felt disrespected when they cut off his microphone and turned off the lights,they should have sent someone to explain to him calmly why there is a curfew in Detroit.It is sad that he really lost it.When he tore up the stage he pulled something that looked like a huge glass that almost fell on him and he almost fell as he avoided it.He could have hurt himself.He was arrested for the damage he caused and allegedly punching a police officer.This is the first time he got arrested and i pray it will be the last.Okay,when i saw his mug shot,i was like" is that really for real?"It looked like it was from a photo shoot.I have seen celebrity mugshots and i laugh cause they all look busted and crazy.This one would make one say can i be your cell mate.Sorry ,i just had to make a joke but seriously jail is scary and a big deal.We all have to do our best to avoid having a criminal record.Before this i remember saying am proud to be a huge fan of Trey cause he hasn't had any incidences and loves and cherishes his fans.I have never put him on a pedestal and now i get it, i still have to see him the way i did before but am praying that he doesn't loose it ever like he did in Detroit.

I look at Trey Songz as a positive person to look up to and wont let one incident change that though i was disappointed.It would break my heart to loose him as a role model.Because he has the ability to make anyone believe in themselves and their dreams.His role models are his grandmother and mother and they say he will be alright and so i guess he will be alright.We all have our not so good moments but we always have to get up,move on and learn from them.It is even harder for celebrities because everyone is watching.Being yourself is the best thing you can ever be.As a celebrity you are also a brand and with brands image is everything.As a celebrity you have to learn to balance the two,it will never be easy but you will have to do it a step at a time and always stay true to yourself.You can be yourself and keep a good image too.Yeah Trey made it to the news because of a not so great moment,people who didn't know his name and age now know it.But am glad i saw the clip in the news when Trey was getting his bail set and he was infront of the officers of the law he was looking down which says that incident doesn't define him as a person or the content of his character.