Monday, 30 January 2017

What Practical Skills Are Children Learning?-Amazing Practical Skills Children Are Learning In Schools.

A young girl made these bracelets as presents for my sister and her baby girl

Apart from academics,i applaud the schools teaching children practical skills.These practical lessons help children discover and nurture their talents.Even to much surprise some children acquire and developer some new talents.

The same young girl made this mat too as a present

Academics and practical lessons go well hand in hand so that children have a choice of either.Where their heart will decide it is best for them to follow.These practical lessons are music lessons,arts and crafts,woodwork,metal work,home making,sewing,mat making,bead work,making of jewelry e.t.c.

A young girl made a small mat and some beautiful rubber band bracelets that made me wish i could do that at such a tender age.They were so cute and she gave them away as presents.Imagine getting such amazing gifts from a young girl who made them herself.It cant get sweet or better than that.