Saturday, 18 February 2017

Is Trey Songz A Genius Or What?-Trey Songz Makes History With Epic Unveiling Of His Album Tremaine To Be Released On 24 March Via Reality Web Series.

Tremaine The Playboy Is Actually The Unveiling Of Tremaine The Album By Trey Songz.

Tremaine The Playboy Is Not A Real Reality Show.

It is evident Trey Songz is a man full of surprises but nobody saw this one coming.No musician in history has ever done this and in such a big way.This is epic,brilliant,genius and so amazing.Everybody knew Trey Songz was releasing a Reality Web Series called Tremaine The Playboy.A majority of fans were so disappointed because they expected better from Trey.Fans knew Trey Songz had an upcoming album,some saw this like a desperate attempt to promote his upcoming album or to keep his career afloat.But his career is still on point .Well,i hope Trey can accept our apologies but he got his fans good and in a big way.

This is an epic prank because this was not what it looked like.Trey Songz should add Mr.Genius to his name too.After Trey released the first official trailer to Tremaine The Playboy.I only could feel bad for him because of fans negative comments.This comments were kind of justified because fans knew this wasn't the Trey they grew to love over the years.And i am glad Trey did not disappoint. Tremaine The Playboy Series looked like a titanic.Indeed it is a titanic that will not sink because it is pure genius and brilliant."Is Trey a genuis or what?"Trey Songz and his team have made epic history.They have done something that has never been done.

They have raised the bar so high that other musicians will be learning from this for years and years to come.Trey Songz keeps making marks with his music and now this is a marketing mark made.I think music is the love of Trey Songz life.Looks like Tremaine looking for love is actually leading to the release of Tremaine the much awaited album by Trey Songz.I did not see this one coming though there were some red flags.All the ladies looked like video vixens and what reality series can have ladies with the same similarities?They usually have a diversity.

Trey Songz met with Angela Yee and others which was a clear indication that he was doing an album promotion or about to.Why didn't i figure that out.And plus i got emails from and at the same time.And the playboy site is linked to Atlantic records.This is really smart and Trey Songz is so on top of his game.I do not know if anyone can beat this.This is epic history made.Trey songz is a genius,if you ask me.

I just have one question"How can one look that good and be that smart?This is epic genius history in the making.The album cover to Tremaine is out and the single "Nobody else but you" is out you can get it here on itunes. Watch the unveiling of the album Tremaine here on Tremaine the Playboy web series site.Trey's fans reacted the way they did because they love Trey and want whats best for Trey.Their hearts were in the right place.They weren't all hating,i guess.

Who would have thought of unveiling an album via a reality web series?A pure genius if you ask me, LOL. Trey got fans all worked up for days and then he gave them a turn around surprise that is something like a heart attack.Well," he finna gave his fans something they will not forget,"LOL.

Trey Songz speaks to the Breakfast Club about the real concept behind Tremaine The Playboy and his new album Tremaine and much more.It is all laughs and alot of information as always in The Breakfast Club.

The first single from the seventh studio album by Trey Songz "Tremaine" is Nobody Else But You.

The album Tremaine is available for pre-order here .
Watch the episodes of Tremaine The Playboy as the love, music and drama in quotes unfolds here .

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