Thursday, 10 August 2017

What Is The Highlight of The Kenyan Elections 2017?-Mr.Githeri Man Stole The Show The 2017 Kenyan

What Was The Highlight of The Kenyan Elections 2017?

Elections like many were marked with long lines.All one could do according to the length of your line is just line up and wait for your turn.One man was spotted with a bag of githeri which is a local delicacy of cooked maize and beans.I guess he needed a snack to help him through the queuing to vote.Someone took a picture of this man having his snack and this seems to be the highlight of the Kenyan Elections.

This picture has gone viral and has been photo shopped so many times cause that was a funny scene to see.People are now calling him Mr.Githeri #MrGitheriMan and there is a #Mr.GitheriManChallenge. People in media houses were even looking for the man.A radio presenter even offered cash to anyone who will get the man to that radio station.And they all did find him and interviewed him because he is now a famous person on social media.This mystery man having a snack actually lit the election mood and gave people something to laugh about.Here are the photos.

At Wiz kidz concert

At Citizen Televison Station

In Lords of the rings

Kenya Rugby Team

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