Monday, 23 October 2017

Did You Know You Can Buy Maize Flour At 45 Ksh At Jumia? -Great Prices At Jumia

 Well, it is true that you can buy maize flour at only 45 ksh at Jumia online store in Kenya.Maize flour is a hot commodity in Kenya because it makes Ugali which is a popular delicacy amongst Kenyans.There has been shortage of maize to sky rocketing prices because of low supply and high demand of maize flour.At Jumia, maize flour goes at a price that is super pocket friendly.It is cheaper than anywhere else.At Jumia everything is at discounted prices from groceries,electronics, furnitures to clothes and shoes. 

 Jumia , formerly known as Africa Internet Group (AIG), is a system of online commerces, marketplaces and classifieds websites and applications created in 2012. Started in Lagos, the company has a presence across 23 African countries,Kenya included.The first company to launch, Jumia, is an online shopping website for electronics and fashion. 

 It launched in Lagos , in June 2012 and was followed by Jumia Market (formerly Kaymu), a community based online marketplaces in September of that same year. Jumia Travel (formerly Jovago), an online hotel booking platform was launched in Nigeria in June 2013, just before Jumia House (formerly Lamudi), Jumia Car (formerly Carmudi) and Jumia Food (formerly Hellofood). The last two services, Jumia Jobs and Jumia Deals were launched in April 2015. As of 2017, there are 126 websites in activity across 23 African countries.

Online shopping is now one of the most convenient and affordable way to purchase commodities and if you want a great bargain Jumia is the place to be.Buy products from jumia at amazing prices here.