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MyOs stands for My Operating System (MyOS).MyOS is a blockchain building a trust-based social platform, which aspires to address all the major shortcomings within crypto-trading and deliver a simpler, more intuitive solution for investors and traders, regardless of their experience level.
MyOS features a series of 2 factor authentication protocols and enhancements for security protection.
This is the first free community platform to buy and sell crypto currency.
My Operating System (MyOS) is a community-led exchange that connects buyers and sellers of cryptocurrency on a user-friendly and feature rich-platform app. It has been designed to facilitate trading of a wide range of cryptocurrencies and tokens in a cost-effective manner.Which is very beneficial to any trader.
The platform will eliminate the need to operate several unsecured web accounts.I lt will instead give users all the tools they need in one secure portal, allowing them to buy, sell and use their crypto in a few clicks.This simple approach will be great for newcomers to the crypto world.

And the mobile UI is optimised for maximum readability so that users can find what they’re looking for efficiently. The side bar helps one create more screen space so one can have a clean view on more important functionality.
The side toolbar gives quick access to all the features within the app in one clean swipe.
Commission Free Trading
Instant Payments
Social Exchange Platform
Fantasy Portfolio Manager Game.If you ask me that is a trader's paradise.
MyOS is focusing on rewarding long-term active users with a token structure that allows them to earn from distributed trading fees and community rewards. They’ve even made a promise, stating that:
“All fees will be distributed for the first three years of operation, followed by a 50–50 split between MyOS and its token holders in years three and four.This sounds like a thoughtful plan.

And so,MyOS will operate an Ethereum-based cryptographic wallet and token,through which 100% of the transaction fees generated on the platforms will be shared equally amongst token-holders for three years”.
MyOS is also targeting businesses with a dedicatedly service. To be known as ‘MyOS Black’. This will be available to businesses that hold a certain levwallet.el of MYOS in their secure mobile .

Here is a summary of MYOS Token:

-Payment method all available Freetowforn services.
-Users earn from distributed trading fees and community rewards.
- Access advanced 2 trading tools such as automated (AI) strategies, social trading where users can mirror/consensual trade and invest into other successful traders’ crypto pools.
-Access to the community's fantasy portfolio management game.
- Access to premium plugins such as iMyOS Advanced tools and MyOS Black (business) features such as Time Stamped Invoicing.
Enhanced Account Security.

The MyOS team consist of five full-time members and three advisors spanning alternative investment, currency trading and emerging technologies such as Blockchain.

MyOS Security is
- 2 Factor Authentication.
-Encrypted email, IP and location smart monitoring
-Customizable limits and timeframes.
-Connection to a secured MyOS Mobile wallet allowing users to store their assets of the exchange and to accept deposits of MYOS tokens.
- Integration of multiple cold wallets.

-Demo/Paper Trading Account System.This Demo/Paper Trading Account System will allow you try the trading account with a risk-free 30-day demo. This works exactly as it would in real-world trading, only with a fictional balance. This can really help newbies with crypto testing strategies, products, order types and many features found in the platform.

The Live Derivatives Trading & Portfolio Account for experience traders gives traders plenty of advanced tools to up advance their trading, real-time metrics to provide a deeper knowledge and understanding of trading helping them streamline their processes.These features allow traders to
-Trade cryptocurrency Futures, Options and Binaries all on a single platform.
- Engage in options trading: portfolio management, market data analysis as well as trading executions.
- Integration with multiple cryptocurrency exchanges makes it effortless to monitor and manage ones Cryptocurrency portfolio balance, wherever those assets exist.
-Integration of multiple trading pairs to create a platform that enables users to diversify and spread their assets.
- Users can vote on which new cryptos are to be listed.
There is also community and social trading.
It’s tough for newbies to break into crypto trading. The existing platforms out there are complicated and not user friendly to newbies but MyOS is especially made for newbies and also experienced traders.

MyOS will operate an Ethereum-based cryptographic wallet and token.

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