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Monday, 1 October 2018

Who is Kenyan Deejay Sommie?

Who is Deejay Sommie?

I interviewed a young amazing deejay known as DeeJay Sommie and this is what he had to say. How did your deejaying career start? My Djing career started after high school in 2013.I was a dancer so I just wanted mixes of songs I could dance to. Did you always dream of being a deejay? Yes I always wanted to be a dj, it was my dream What genre of music do you mix? I don't have a certain genre I do everything I don't limit myself Did you go to a deejay academy? No I dint go to school...I dint have enough cash to pay so I taught myself Did your family support you when they first learnt of your career choice? Not really they think white collar jobs and working for the govt is the only way to success

When would you say was your big break and what projects have you been a part of? Do you have a place where you frequently place at or you are freelance? I have grown to be a wedding DJ and people trusting me with their special day which means alot. .I also do customised mixtapes for people. .but mainly I'm a wedding DJ What would you tell aspiring deejays and anyone with a passion that they want to pursue? I would tell them to use what they have. .it's okay to be different it's not a competition take it one step at a time What are your future plans? To open an entertainment company that's offers sound for every event you can think of..and a free school for people who are passionate about deejaying. .. You can get Deejay Sommie here if you want to contact him

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