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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Ask My Shoes

Ask my shoes is a very creative song title by a kenyan band known as heart the band.Ask my shoes is a song about a guy who works so hard and denies himself the finer things in life just to hand those finer things to his girl.In the song they say if you want to know what i have been through or gone through just ask my shoes which you can assume are worn out shoes.

Just look at how worn out they are and they will tell you the story.This is a realistic story in a song.Some guys do work so hard not for themselves but only to maintain a lady they are dating or in a relationship with.They work so hard to keep up with the financial demands of these ladies denying themselves of any luxiouries only to find out they are being used.This song speaks of a very realistic and rather common aspect of love.Some ladies use guys for financial gain and needs this is the story behind this song.In the song they speak of the sacrifices the guy makes like riding the train only to pay for his girl to take a taxi.And he eats cheap for just to be able to pay for an expensive meal for his girl.

How he tries so hard to create beautiful moments only to find his girl is cheating on him.The way the shoes are worn out tell exactly of the sacrifices taken all in the name of love.But all is in vain because the love is just one sided and is not true love.

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