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Saturday, 18 April 2015

What Is Love?- Only Time Can Tell What Love Is

Boy: There will come a time when you wont talk to me or see me
Girl: Why
Boy: I will be gone
Girl: No there is Facebook we will keep intouch that is if you want
Girl: And you will always be in my heart
Boy: Ok but it wont be as we do now.When i leave i will become busy
Girl: That's ok atlist we've made good memories
Girl: I wont forget you
Girl: Never you are exceptional
Girl: And i never forget people
Boy: you will find other better people
Boy: I will remind you and you will be shocked
Girl: No i wont forget you cause you are the first guy who has ever told me i love you
Girl: Yes am saying the truth
Boy: All this time no one has told you that
Girl: yep
Boy: Wow i do not know what to say
Girl: Just know that you are my first i love u
Boy: Ok that's scary
Girl: So i will always cherish you and will never forget you
Girl: Why scary
Boy: Well do not think that's a good enough reason to remember me
 Girl: For me it is
Girl: The best things in life are free
Boy: What's free
Girl: I even remember the way u sounded when u said it
Girl: Love is free
Girl: Air,sun,moon
Girl: So you believe me, i wont forget you
Boy: We will see
Girl: You will you forget me
Boy: Why
Girl: Cause you might get a good wife and kids and a good life then you might not remember me
Girl: You might even not love me anymore
Boy: Its part of my culture not to forget
Girl: Even me i do not forget people
Boy: You want me to love you
Girl: Always and forever
Girl: But that's selfish of me
Boy: Ok i will
Girl: Thanks

Well time did it's thing and forever and always ended in one day.Boy broke all his promises and there was nothing left between them not even a little friendship or as an aquaintance.He was right when he said" there will come a time when you wont talk to me or see me and the girl was right when said he would forget her and maybe not even love her at all .What is love? Many people do ask this question,love to some is a disease of the mind.Girl always wanted boy to always love her no matter what.She wanted him to love her even if he was never with her.But boy ended up completely cutting girl out of his life.

No one will ever know if he truely did love her.No one will ever know if ever she crossed his mind.If there was ever even an ounce of care for her in his heart or if he completely forgot about her.So what is love? Love is something everybody knows and something not everybody knows.My advice to girl is in life there are no guarantees,love yourself and always be happy.Loving yourself unselfishly is the greatest love of all and you deserve it.Boys make promises but a real man keeps his promises.

Only time answers questions about love.Only time can tell what love is or if love really is or if it was love that you had.One thing you have to know is you can not decide if someone loves you forever and it is ok. Love yourself one day at a time and all will be just fine.

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