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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Digital Migration-Is It That Important

Three major media houses were turned off due to the digital migration. Nation Media Group, Standard Media Group and Royal Media Services wanted to migrate to digital broadcasting as self-provisioning signal distributors.They did not want to let paid-tv to be their only signal distributors.And so when the digital migration due date came they were switched off and they were off air for 19 days.They finally went digital which means the people without pay t.v or digital set boxes can not access television at all.The three media houses want to have their own digital set boxes so that when people purchase them.They will not pay to watch their television channels.The Government insists on digital migration because it is a worldwide move.But other African countries who are even more advanced than ours have said they are not yet ready for the June 17 worldwide digital migration.And they have been excused.I do not know why Kenya is so persistent.And i wonder is digital migration amust.When it means that people have to pay to watch television channels or have to buy digital set boxes.For people living from hand to mouth,is this even possible? People now have to incur unnecessary expenses.So what is with going digital and incurring more expenses.Digital migration is apparently for its benefits.

Benefits of Digital Migration: Digital TV will apparently enhance viewer experience through better picture quality Digital Television Broadcasting will offer sharper,brighter picture, and reduced interference. Viewers will also get to enjoy improved sound quality.Digital signals take up much less bandwith and therefore more channels can be broadcast. The Kenya Government’s Broadcasting Digital Migration Policy encourages more free-to-air channels for the diverse Kenyan population.The Set Top Box (STB) which will be used to receive the digital signal also
has the capability to interface with devices such as a cell phone memory card or internet modem. This will provide viewers with access to many more services and information.

Better viewing pleasure With analogue you are only able to have standard definition television . With Digital Broadcasting High definition television is possible . High Definition Television is the premium version of digital television, offering picture and sound quality which is much better than analog television. The reason is that it offers up to twice the vertical and horizontal resolution of a traditional analog (PAL) signal. The higher resolution picture is particularly suited to large screen television displays.This means that the benefits of HDTV are particularly noticeable on larger screen sets and when using projection equipment. HDTV will be in widescreen format and provide cinema-quality viewing with Dolby surround sound Electronic Program Guides (EPGs) Electronic Programme Guides (EPGs) are a feature of digital television broadcasting that come fitted in the Set Top Box. An Electronic Program Guide (EPGs) can be used by viewers to navigate between channels,identify the currently screening
program and the next program on each channel. More sophisticated EPGs can be used to set reminders for program viewing, provide a short synopsis of the content of programs, identify programming in advance for several days, search for programs by genre, and provide access to some enhancements among others. Better utilization of frequencies.

A digital signal carries much more data than an analogue signal. Therefore, more than one channel of television programs can be broadcast at the same time. This is known as multi-channeling. This efficient of channels reduces the number of frequencies required for the broadcasting sector. The CCK is therefore able to deploy the unused frequencies for use in other services.Yes this are many advanced benefits but are they affordable to everyone.Truth is it is not free.Digital television has its benefits but can everyone afford it?The answer is no but it is being forced onto people or you go without.With all the benefits people are not looking at the disadvantages of Digital television because it has its expenses.And when it rains even alittle the signal is lost and you do not get to watch television.Which leads me to ask the question,is Digital Migration really that neccesary for everyone.Why cant people choose for themselves and pick what suits them.

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