Wednesday, 7 October 2015

2 Cultural Practises That Have A Negative Impact On Children-Society

Cultural practise's are the ways of life of communities that follow.
Traditions are a part of all communities and they do vary in communities.Some communities have more cultural practise's than other communities.Some communities do still practise cultural practise's more than others do.Some cultural practise's are good while others are not good.They are very bad because they have a very negative impact in the community.One of these negative cultural practise's is the children taking care of livestock as a way of helping out in the community.

This cultural practise has taken the boy-child away from school.Some children drop out of school at a very early age,others do not even get to go to school.All day everyday they watch over the livestock and this takes them away from the classrooms.These children as a result of this cultural practise end up with lack of an education.

Education is a basic human need especially in this ever changing world.Lack of an education leads to poverty and even loss of lives.Another cultural practise is early marriages for the girl child.Young girls of the ages of twelve or thirteen or even girls younger are taken out of school.And are forced into early marriages.Some of these girls are married to men who are old enough to be their fathers or their grandfathers.This is so cruel and unfair because these children do not get to finish their education and pursue their dream.And be who they want to be in future.

They completely depend on the man they are married to for everything.And so they never get the chance to be independent.They start bearing children and raising children when they are also still children.They get their childhood forever stolen from them.