Thursday, 15 October 2015

Why Rapper T.I Wont Vote For A Woman President(Hillary Clinton)- Prejudice

While i was on Twitter i noticed that rapper T.I was trending.I wondered why would he be trending on Twitter so i clicked on his name and i got a rude shock.In an interview T.I said that he wouldnt vote for a female President(HillaryClinton) because female's are emotional which does not help with good leadership.I was disappointed because i do love T.I and his music but this is so not right coming from him.I did not know he ways of thinking could be this backward.He is taking people almost one hundred years back when we have come so far with gender equality.Like President Obama said when you enpower a woman you enpower a whole community.I really love Obama because he is all about equality in all aspects of life.If T.I thinks like this then it looks like he does not stand for gender equality and i dont even want to know more.All i can tell T.I is maybe the world needs more female presidents because the world is in need of so much change and guess who are the most in power.

Your guess is right ,it is men and they mostly rule without much emotions which to T.I makes a great President or leader and the world now is full of wars,poverty and all sorts of injustices.Maybe more emotional leaders are what this world needs to be a much better place.Being a rapper and saying what he said really looks bad and the world took it for what it looks like T.I seems prejudice agaisnt women.

Here are some twitter reactions to T.I'S prejudice:

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    T.I. on Hillary Clinton: "I can't vote for the leader of the free world to be a woman"
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  3. T.I. said he won’t vote for Hillary Clinton because she’s a woman (via )
  4. T.I.: "I cant vote for a woman because she might get emotional and lauch a nuke." Hillarious!
  5. “Not To Be Sexist But, I Can’t Vote For The Leader Of The Free World To Be A WomanT.I. On Hillary [Video]

  6. i love that t.i. refuses to vote for a woman president like his vote or opinion matters when he's a felon and cant vote

  7. Who cares that T.I said he wudnt vote for a woman President?? His felon ass cant vote anyway lol

  8. No, he said he just could not vote for the leader to be a woman RT Wait yall are upset b/c T.I. said he cant vote?