Monday, 19 October 2015

Is This Religion Or Madness-Disciples Of The New Dawn

I was going through my news feed when i came across  a post that one of my friends on Facebook had commented on.This Facebook post had alot of bashing and it did deserve it.The people who owned the post had a page to their name.It was sad to know people thought this way and they are apparently from a Religious group known as Disciples of the new dawn. Is this Religion? Well i do not think so and i think it is total madness.

And the post was.....Disciples of the New Dawn Good advice from Matriarch Graber on behalf of The Circle of Matriarchs. They have delivered many babies over the years, NATURALLY and not once has needed a C-Section or pharmaceutical toxins. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing as it is the zenith of a woman's role in a moral Christian society. If God has decided to call you home, it is not up to you or a doctor to reject Him. You may find yourself cast into the lake of fire for doing so. God's Peace.

These are the type of people who seem to brain wash followers of their church.Many people would say that this is a cult.Cults are the types of Religious groups that have beliefs that would raise your eyebrows.Most people were angry because of that post.I am glad that many people,i hope, are not enslaved and controlled by such people.Who gave these people the right to decide who deserves to be called a mother and who cannot be called a mother.Just because one had a normal childbirth you are more deserving than the woman who had a c-section.So if you cannot have a normal childbirth a c-section cannot be done to save the woman and the babies lives.God helps those who help themselves and he created doctors and medicine so that man can help do his work.God has given man medicine and knowledge.So why cant man use what these gifts to perform miracles and save lives.Not taking medicine or taking medicine during childbirth is a personal decision that should be respected.

If one wants to have a childbirth without any pain killers that's up to them.If one wants pain killers then its up to them.Pain will not make you a better or more deserving to be called or be a mother.No pain will not make you a lesser or not a mother.And hey no one will give you a crown or pay you for your pain that you endure during childbirth.The conditions that these people have are shallow and outrageous.I cant help but wonder if it was a man who is behind all this views that are so blindly being followed.

I hope people on Facebook have reported this group and their Facebook page has been taken down.Because it is so scary that some people believe such nonsense.They even have this picture that says"Face the facts you really didn't give birth"."You caught a lucky break,please show respect to superior women who actually had what it took to get the job done".This are a sick brain washed group of individuals who have played judge and decided on who gave birth and who caught the so-called lucky break.A bunch of sick minded people do not have the right to be telling people what they are not educated about.Such people and nobody has the right to make such remarks and decisions. THIS IS JUST MADNESS.