Tuesday, 4 August 2015

A Leader And President After My Own Heart-Barack Obama

The true test of a persons character comes when one is given lots power,fame or money or all the above.The true character of a person will come out with these and people do say that a persons changed after they got these things.The answer is no,meet the true character of that individual.A leader gets all this things in plenty and that's why most leaders are not exactly the best people around.Most leaders have the ability to lead by they are deaf to other people's opinion.

A GOOD LISTENER For me just like Nelson Mandela,Barack Obama is a leader after my heart because you can tell he is a good listener.He listens to peoples problems and implements policies that help solve the peoples problems.He even narrates peoples sad stories and his solutions to these problems faced.Obama also has the physical traits of a good listener,look at his ears.People with small ears are not good listeners so choose your leaders well lol.

A Leader of Beautiful Words And Promises Barack Obama is a leader who has the most beautiful words,he has a way with words and makes amazing promises which he follows through the best way he can.Most leaders make promises and never follow through and they keep making promise and do nothing.

A Leader of Accountability
Barack Obama loves the freedom of the press,which he says makes the Governments accountable for their actions and brings about transparency in their dealings.And that makes the Government do its work.

Cool,Calm,Collected and Inspiring In his speeches the way Obama carries himself always looks cool,calm and collected.And you always want to listen to what he says which is always very reassuring and encouraging.He always leaves people with hope and even makes you want to be a better version of yourself and give it your best.

Charming,Warm,Caring,Kind and Loving. From the way he interacts with his wife Michelle Obama to his daughters Malia and Sasha to people he meets.One can tell from his body language and his usual touch on someones back,arm or shoulder that he is a warm,charming,kind and loving person.He always touches the person next to him which is a sign of a warm caring person.I remember him hugging and comforting a sobbing person who had lost a loved one during 9/11.I have never seen a leader do such an act of kindness.His is extremely charming and maybe that even got people to vote for him twice as the President of America and obviously cause he does his job ofcourse.He also is very witty which is a pleasant trait.Who wouldn't love a witty person.Most leaders never come out as witty,warm and charming.They are mostly just too serious and unemotional.

Funny, Down to Earth And A Peoples Person By the way Obama carries himself,he seems down to earth and a peoples person.He always likes interacting with the people around him.He listens to their concerns and addresses them.His secret service surely has a tough job because he goes to greet the crowds,walks around in the streets,goes shopping with his family,he goes out to get burgers and fries for his staff and interact with people around him.He talks to people but not at people.
He is funny and smiles which always lightens the mood. He always blends in a very pleasant way.When he is Kenya he assures people that he is intouch with his roots and he loves it.

Wise and poised. Obama is wise and poised.You can tell this from his policies and decisions.And he delivers very wise and long amazing speeches which he is hardly if ever reading from a piece of paper.Which makes me wonder if Obama is a genius or he has a photographic memory.Who wouldn't want a leader who is wise and poised.Because how can one always know so many details and remember without a script.America has never had a more wiser president the ones who will come after him have a very big shoe to fit and he has set a bar so high.

Respects the rule of law Obama believes the law should be respected and followed to a tee and nobody is above the law even himself.He even asked African leaders to follow his example and not cling to power because the law does not allow that.

Has got Swag and insync Obama has got swag and is in with the times.He has celebrity friends,he can let loose and sing and dance which is a breath of fresh air and shows a fan side to him.People even call him Obizzy lol.He is the coolest leader i have ever seen.

Fair and stands for human rights(loves life) Obama fights and believes in equal opportunity for everyone.He cares for the welfare of every person from the grass root up.He is concerned for the minority,discriminated and marginalised.He says he does not believe in bullying and discrimination based on anything and in profiling.He cares and fights for women,children and the youth,which makes Obama a leader and a human after my own heart because this one amazing quality and the rest plus many more make an awesome amazing and refreshing leader. That's a leader after my heart and we do need more leaders like Obama mostly in the African Continent.People in Kenya wish that after Obama is done as the President of America.He can come and rule Kenya since he has his roots here because he is an amazing individual.Just like Mandela who was the most exceptional leader ever,Obama fits into that list and is a leader after my heart with a beautiful spirit,heart and soul.Obama does not only want to make America a better place but he wants to make the world a better place,even Africa which is mostly downplayed.
Nobody is perfect but what makes an individual is their will to do the best they can for their fellow humans and Obama does just that just like Nelson Mandela and other leaders who are true to their calling.An exceptional leader never changes their good character when they gain lots of money,power and fame or are never corrupted by lots of money,power and fame.

Everytime i hear this song i think of President Obama,its true one man can change the world,he stands out from the many selfish leaders we have around specially in Africa.