Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The Secret-Successful Relationships(Love And Relationships)

A certain lady said that the secret to a successful relationship or marriage is knowing what you want.You can not see what someone else has and you also want the same just to get recognition or the envy of others.That is so wrong because that is not who you are.You have to know who you are and what you want.Knowing who you are and what you want is not easy or automatic.And it varies from one person to another and it comes easier to others than others.And it depends on different factors.

And some may have it more figured out than others.In reality it is good to accept that we are always a work in progress and nobody is perfect.Knowing who you are and what you want even alittle is good.Because this is not an easy thing to do.Knowing who you are and what you want also applies to every aspect of life that leads to happiness.It leads to also peace and a good life.I see people who have recognised their talents and what they want to do with the talents live such fruitful and fulfilled lives.

They never get tired or bored with their work and what they are doing because it is who they are,it comes naturally.Knowing who you are and what you want helps you set your own goals without comparing yourself with others.Comparing yourself leads to jealousy and you will live your life for other people and not yourself.And this is very wrong because it leads to fake happiness which is not true happiness.It is great to live your life for yourself,you will not keep worrying over other people.
This is not easy and can never be easy it is always a work in progress.Doing things because you want to do them is one of the greatest rewards you can give yourself. Learning to know yourself and what you want is an amazing thing.And it helps you stand your ground and not conform to please others or live your life pleasing others and ignoring yourself.Knowing what you want and who you are is part of learning to love yourself which is the greatest love you can give yourself. Do you know any more secrets to a successful relationship?