Sunday, 2 August 2015

A Sad Situation - Loosing yourself

It is very easy to loose yourself mostly in the wrong things.We are all prone to addictions and so it will just depend on what we can be lost in and in what degree.You can loose yourself and never be found and that is so very sad.There are people who can find themselves after being lost while others struggle alot. But there is always hope everyone can be saved.This is why people are told to stay away from addictive and dangerous things like alcohol and drugs.

And other things that mess with your mind,body and spirits well-being.Somethings are worse to be lost in than others.It is harder to get out of being lost in somethings than others like drugs and alcohol.Everyone can get lost and everyone can be found.Life is a journey that you can loose yourself in and it is hard to find yourself sometimes.But you can always be found.But it is always sad when you loose yourself in the journey of life and can not be found or are not found.