Wednesday, 19 August 2015

How to break up in a gentle way-Relationships And Love

Most break ups are so ugly but they should not be ugly.Some people end things so badly and burn bridges and create enemies because the love is over for them.Some people break up over the phone either through text messages or a phone call.Others via email or through social media.Break ups can be messy but they should not be.Break ups are so hard because it means the end of a relationship.It is painful because relationships are emotional investments.People build dreams of a wonderful future together full of hope.People do many bad things because they have been left which is very wrong.

It is said when breaking up try not to be selfish you should consider the feelings of the person you are breaking up with.You have to be kind to them and leave them with dignity.You should not be harsh and inconsiderate.Break ups should be face to face in a place where no one can over react.It should not be at either of your houses ,a restaurant or park is much better.During a break up one should be honest and not harsh.Most people tend to be selfish and treat the one they are ending the relationship with bad so that they would be angry and leave.Some start to be rude,distant,unkind and cruel.Some even avoid and cut communication completely. 

This if you ask me is a cowards way of breaking up and very selfish.You should treat the break up with the same respect you treated the relationship.You should explain kindly why you want the relationship to end and you still want to be friends.Because being friends is very possible as a way to be mature and Honor the love that you once shared.You should never burn bridges because you may need that bridge some day.Not to get back with your ex but for anything because you never know what the future would bring.
How do you break up with the people you get into relationships with?