Wednesday, 26 August 2015

A Letter to the broken hearted

You do not have to be in a relationship to be happy,You may be in a relationship and be the saddest person around.Being in a relationship does not always mean you are happy and that is something you should realise.You do not have to stay in a relationship full of sadness.A relationship like that is like a drug.It is very intoxicating and the highs are very high and few,while the lows are very low and so many.Being in a relationship does not necessary mean that you have happiness.Happiness is something everyone aspires to every single day.

Happiness is never written on stone and so it comes and goes.And at times it is up to you to have it.This is a letter to the broken hearted that are stuck in the norm believing that being in a relationship is happiness and so you have to be there no matter how sad you may be in that relationship.Another letter to the broken hearted. Sometimes being left is not that bad because when someone picks someone else over you.They may not know what they may be picking.They may think they are giving up you who is ten percent for someone who is ninety percent when its the opposite,well the joke is on them and they miss out on the best and the best is you,so find solace in that and be happy and always smile because you deserve to.WHAT DO YOU THINK?