Monday, 17 August 2015

An Elephant Agenda-Keep Away From Our Elephants

August twelve is world elephant day.Elephants are the largest land mammal and they are really amazing animals.But sadly poachers have been killing elephants for their tusks. For many years this has been a menace. Sometimes when the government,law enforcers and the people incharge of wildlife are very serious about doing their job of conserving wildlife then elephants do not get killed or get killed that much.But when there are loop holes within people incharge we hear of many cases of poaching and smuggling of elephant and other animal tusks.These tusks are very expensive and poachers make alot of money.The poachers have market for tusks in Asia.These tusks are used to make very expensive ornaments, jewelry,artifacts or carvings and many other things.

It is sad that there is a ready black market for tusks.People have started a campaign to save elephants from poaching because they do kill elephants and do kill them at alarming rates.Elephants are part of our heritage and they are part of us.We should take care of them not kill them because of selfishness.Wildlife are part of the beauty of our country and they even support our tourism which is a back bone of our economy.

A few selfish individuals would like to destroy the heritage and economy of a country that would affect generations and that is why we need them to stay away from our elephants.And also because animals have rights too and we should take care of animals not kill and destroy them because of greed.