Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Adore The Skin You Are In - Love Yourself( Beauty)

The skin is the biggest organ of the body. And it is amazing how there are many skin colours. I believe in the beauty of variety.I believe God is so creative that he came up with so many shades of beautiful and equal people. We are all amazing works of art and none is better than the other. And none is a mistake. I remember sometime back i could tell that my young niece had insecurities about her skin colour. My niece took her skin colour from her dad who is dark skinned. 

Her mother is light skinned and so my niece said that her mum is lucky, she looked good because she has light skin. I remember feeling sad and shocked at the same time. I looked at my niece and told her that her skin colour is chocolate. My niece smiled and was excited and she said i am chocolate with so much joy. And that made me glad because if you are taught from a young age to adore the skin you are in. You will not be a victim of a society that glorifies light skin and makes people believe that dark is not beautiful. This perception is mostly in the African race. We have the most diversity when it comes to skin colour. I see many Africans lighten their skin colour which is very sad .I see beauty in all skin colour's. 

Most if not all skin bleaching products have harmful and serious side effects that are life threatening. I really hate what the society dictates about skin colour. Some people even believe that black people are cursed and that we will all be white in the end. Well this kind of ignorance should not exist. We have to embrace diversity we all compliment each other. None of us is superior to the other. And none is prettier and better, we all have our pros and cons. The society is dictating and its doing so in such a cruel manner
And this is so sad because this perception starts at a tender age. Some people do not even know the darker you are the more protection you have from the harmful rays of the sun. And this also makes your skin appear younger longer. So whatever your skin colour be happy in it and adore the skin you are in. If you damage your skin while trying to lighten it the damage is irreversible. I strongly believe trying to bleach goes very wrong for people because that is not something that is meant to be changed.

Everyones skin colour is a beautiful and gorgeous original master piece that should be loved and appreciated.Your skin colour is amazing and beautiful so why would you want to change something that is so beautiful?Just love and adore the skin you are in because that is the beauty that is meant to be.Take good care of your master piece by simply moisturising because moisturiser is the skins best friend.Whatever your skin colour just remember always you are beautiful.The sad truth and reality is as certain as the sun something always goes wrong when you try to and do manage to change your skin colour.It does not matter if you are light skinned and want to be lighter or if you are dark skinned and want to be light skinned.I find this funny but i can always tell when someone has changed their skin colour no matter how flawless they may seem.I guess am like an art lover who can tell master pieces that have been altered lol.It is not easy to sometimes adore the skin we are in due to the world we live in but we have to love each and every skin colour because it is a master piece work of art.